Date Purée

Sweeten with whole foods, easy and convenient date puree. I love using dates to sweeten and this purée idea solves the problem of chunky dates in my smoothie! Sweeten dairy free cappuccinos and smoothies, cakes and dessert recipes.

Banana Bread Bottomed Cheescake

Since going AIP, travelling a lot and not really being a dessert person to begin with, dessert recreations are something I have not really pursued, until now with tigernut flour and date puree in hand!!.( The odd banana and cream dish is about the extent of dessert to date). Recently I stumbled upon a banana…

Mineral Salts

I love my Himalayan Salt. I love that it is an unprocessed, natural rich source of minerals. It is one of the essentials I take when I travel.

Adrenal Cocktail

This adrenal cocktail is a great pick me up. When my adrenals are pretty good I just use it here & there, but but in a crash I may need it daily or tow or three times a day. I wouldn’t recommend using it any later than 3pm. It’s a good way of helping those…

Breakfast Soup

Reheated with a touch of fresh coriander these left-overs made for one delicious breakfast!!

Thai Green Curry AIP friendly

This recipe is thanks to inspiration from my cousin Judy. whom I visited in Wangaratta recently. A keen cook, interested in using local, healthy, organic produce, we combined our talents to recreate this classic dish. DELISH!!!

The Thyroid Secret

Could you be suffering from a serious medical condition and not know it at all? Weight gain, hair loss… brain fog… (What’s REALLY behind it?)

Meat sauce

When you would like to serve a traditional meal with AIP ingredients some creative reinvention is easy!

Sumac Chicken Pieces

Finding a new spice to add is very exciting indeed. Poking around specialty grocery stores uncovered sumac powder, ground from the deep red berries of the sumac bush, native to the Middle East and often used in Mediterranean cooking! Sold!

Sweet Caramelised Tender Turkey

If you’re looking for a light, easy meal to eat after a big day or days out over the holidays that everyone will enjoy, this sweet meat dish is amazing.