Coconut Crumbed Baramundi

This is the best! OMG tasty! Melt in your mouth, Coconut Crumbed Barramundi served here with sweet potato and beetroot patties and baby spinach. Yummy lunch for us today. Strict AIP it delivers delicious, crispy crumbs and is simply divine.


What I love about cooking with others is the variety this can add to your menu. My daughter Kate was browsing through some magazines and came across coconut crumbed fish recipe. To make it AIP we substituted arrowroot flour for plain flour and oil for the eggs. It could have been a disaster however the result was delicious.

1 cup desiccated coconut (I use the coconut flesh left over from making my coconut milk)
1 piece of barramundi cut into small bite sized pieces
2 tbsp olive oil (or coconut oil)
1/2 cup arrowroot flour
1 tbsp oil

Place barramuni pieces onto a flat plate, flour in a separate flat plate, oil in a separate flat bowl and coconut on a fourth plate ready for the coating process. Have a fifth large flat plate ready to place completed crumbed fish pieces, ready for frying.

Crumbing process
Coat each piece of barramundi in flour, then oil, then finally press fish pieces into the coconut.

Once every piece is coated, fry the crumbed fish pieces in batches in a small amount of oil using a large heavy based fry pan or wok until cooked through.

Place cooked pieces on paper towel to drain before serving.



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