AIP Christmas Dinner Sailing

This year Christmas dinner was served hot on a yacht! After several days planning, shopping and preparing, my daughter and I boarded the 35 ft single hull Christmas morning and set sail for Fitzroy Island, an idyllic place to spend Christmas Day!! We arrived for a light lunch before exploring the island snorkelling and walking the lighthouse track to the top of the island – quite a walk! Christmas evening we prepared a delicious Christmas dinner of freshly baked fish, guacamole and salad, finished with pecan pie the skipper supplied and Merlot! Now I know pecan pie is not AIP but you know what, it was Christmas so I threw caution to the wind and enjoyed every mouthful. The AIP chocolate truffles could wait!
Preparing for this trip lead me on a search for AIP camping menu items which I shall post separately. Suffice to say we ate very well for our 4 days at sea!! And notice also in the first photo the lean on that boat with me at the helm! A huge thank you to the fantastically patient skipper Hans, from whom I learnt so much!!

Coriander and Lime Guacamole
Sweet potato wedges
Juicy Lemon Seafood Parcels – Fish and Crab
Fresh Garden Salad
Chocolate (shhh protein) Truffles
Bottle of Merlot
4 avocados, roughly chopped,
juice of 2 limes
1/2 cup coriander (to taste), chopped
4 tbsp chives, chopped
1/2 red onion
ground Himalayan salt and black pepper
Mix all ingredients, keep it quite chunky
Add add lime, salt and pepper, adjust to taste
Cover and chill
Sweet Potato Wedges
2 sweet potatoes
2 tbsp olive oil
pink salt and black pepper
Slice sweet potato into 2 cm strips
heat oil in heavy based pan to medium high heat
fry potato until golden seasoning with salt and pepper as you cook.
Juicy Lemon Seafood parcels – Fish and Crab
Tin foil
pure butter
3 good size pieces of fresh white fish
2 good size fresh crab (blue swimmer crab for Christmas)
1 lemon
chives, chopped (optional)
pink salt and black pepper
Prepare crabs by removing the top shell and innards, chop in half down the centre then between each leg.
smear some butter onto each piece of tin foil
place fish on separate pieces of buttered foil and crab pieces onto another piece of buttered foil.
Season each seafood parcel with lemon, salt and pepper. Seal each package to keep in the steam and place on barbeque (or medium heat fry pan or oven) for about 15 minutes or until flesh is tender and juicy. Do not overcook. It is better to take them off the heat slightly undercooked and allow to sit for 5 minutes to complete cooking in the parcels.
Fresh Garden salad
variety of fresh garden vegetables and salads, grated and finely chopped
Mangoes sliced
Chocolate Truffles (these were replaced by the skipper’s pecan pie and we ate the truffles for snacks over the next few days!!)

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